Wine Experience

Cantine Fontezoppa


Locanda Fontezoppa has as its first love the wine that the company of the same name has been producing since 1999, so it will be happy to accompany its guests to the cellar and reveal the cellarman’s secrets to them.

Among barrels and barriques you get lost in aromas that seem to belong to the past and in the wisdom of those who know how to obtain one of its noblest fruits from the earth.

Locanda Fontezoppa gives you the opportunity to taste Fontezoppa wines guided by the oenologist who will make the lucky patrons travel in a world of aromas, flavors and colors to be discovered.

Cantine Fontezoppa

cooking courses

Locanda Fontezoppa opens the doors of the kitchen, in fact, guests who wish can take advantage of our cook and participate in traditional cooking courses that will introduce you to our territory through the table.

We are ready to reveal recipes and secrets that belonged to our grandmothers and to assist you step by step in the preparation phases.

Eating good food is a luxury, knowing how to prepare it is a source of pride.

Cantine Fontezoppa


Locanda Fontezoppa loves pampering its guests and has thought of activities to do alone or in company that will make their stay unforgettable.

Who hasn’t dreamed of taking a hot air balloon ride and looking at the world from above at least once? To enjoy nature by taking a horseback ride in the middle of the vineyards or collecting truffles in the truffle ground, or to sail in the open sea with only the sound of the sails unfurled in the wind?

In Locanda Fontezoppa you can do all this and much more, you live with emotions and we are here to excite you.

Cantine Fontezoppa

guided tours

Diversity is the greatest source of wealth and Locanda Fontezoppa knows this well, which is why it is pleased to organize guided tours for its guests to discover the wonders of the area.

Medieval villages full of charm that enclose squares, streets and churches where time seems to have stopped, it seems to be in a distant reality that takes us back as in an old book.

The hills of Macerata are full of villages all different from each other where, however, you can breathe the same magic, visiting them refreshes the soul.


Fontezoppa is the name of an ancient source of water that flowed where today the rows of vines run.


Eating and waking up in the middle of a vineyard? In Locanda Fontezoppa you can do it … with the sea on the horizon.


A variety of vines delivered to expert hands meets here the generosity of the soil and the goodness of the air.


Oil and distillates.. During the year Locanda Fontezoppa organizes gastronomic and / or cultural events.